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Our rota software is created to save you time, money and hassle. It is simple to use. CostBoss makes rota creation, staff scheduling, time recording and HR management easy. Sign up now for a free trial.


Key Features


Clock In Terminal

  • Staff clock in/out
  • Photo capture
  • Breaks recorded
  • Multiple shift capability
  • Lateness logged and reported
  • Accurate time recording
  • Staff satisfaction

Rota Planning

  • Easy set-up
  • Set up repeating rotas
  • Staff working patterns capability
  • Multiple staff location capacity
  • Multiple shifts and breaks for staff
  • Cost analysis of shifts to control labour spend

Holiday Management

  • Simple tool to manage staff holidays
  • Automatic calculation of accrued holiday
  • Accurate holiday pay-out calculations
  • Manages staff holiday requests and approvals
  • Holiday entitlement roll-over facility
  • Multiple holiday scheme capability

Employee Portal

  • Secure login for staff
  • View Rota Schedule
  • Holiday requests, approvals
  • View holiday entitlement and holiday history
  • Employee time worked reports
  • View and download payslips
  • View and download P60s and P45s


  • Integrated payroll system
  • Seamless integration between shift hours and payroll
  • Full labour cost reporting
  • View payslips and tax codes
  • Full reporting of PAYE/NIC for HMRC payments (P32)
  • Auto reminders to ensure you never miss a deadline

Complete HR Tool

  • Keeps detailed HR records of employees
  • Easy onboarding of new starters
  • Records starters and leavers information
  • Full attendance records including location and images
  • Full history of salary, tax code, holiday and absence records
  • Document management

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    Use CostBoss to make your business better


    Simple to use

    CostBoss is simple to use, and will become an invaluable tool in making your business more successful, whether you run a bar or restaurant, pub or hotel, café or club.


    You can use CostBoss on your PC, Mac, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone, making it the most flexible way to track the progress of your business.

    Any Business Any Industry

    The affordable pricing structure of our software means that whether you have just a few staff in one location or hundreds across multiple branches, CostBoss has the flexibility and simplicity to fit into any organisation and offer a central point of administration for all of your everyday business activities.

    CostBoss has been created by top end developers and experienced business people who have an excellent understanding of what businesses like yours might benefit from which is why we feel we have produced a well balanced product that will assist across your entire business.

    A totally integrated staff and payroll management tool

    With easy-to-use functions, CostBoss is a comprehensive and versatile management aid, designed for owners and managers of any business that spends too long trying to manage rotas, timesheets, takings and payroll data. If knowledge is power, CostBoss gives you almost unlimited power to control your business, and achieve the success you deserve.

    At last, a simple, elegant solution to your time and cost planning needs is available − and affordable.



    Our clients use CostBoss to save them time, money and hassle. Create a rota or run your payroll in minutes. Saves you hours, and no more spreadsheets.

    Real time

    Get a firm grip on your staffing costs and revenue in real time. CostBoss helps you manage your staffing costs with its fully costed staff rotas and timesheets.

    Stress Reduction

    Managing people can be challenging. Numerous staff and multiple locations creates more administration and more lost time

    CostBoss stands for time recovery. A paperless staff management solution that is simple to use. Anywhere, anytime.


    CostBoss simplifies the entire time management process, seamlessly linking clock-in events to the rota. Running and approving payroll becomes an integrated process, allowing you the time and opportunity to grow your business.




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