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Who Are We?

Simon and James both run an accountancy and payroll business

Accountants are the mechanics of business and both of us know what it is like to run, manage and succeed in business. Working together for 15 years we understand the challenges you and your business face. We know how to fix what is not working, improve what is and avoid the mistakes we know exist, so you don’t make them.

What do we do?

With a passion for seeing business succeed we help them grow through the innovative use of technology applying our combined expertise where it is most valuable. We both have experience in time sheet processing and payroll and know how time consuming this can be, especially in the leisure and hospitality industry.

Simon has a degree in accounting and computer studies and James is a 20 year qualified FCCA and both of are extremely experienced in accounting and payroll processes in a variety of industries but particularly in the leisure and hospitality sectors. These are the ingredients that form the ideal partnership to deliver an effective and innovative technology solutions for the SME Hospitality sector.

What is CostBoss?

We discovered a gap in the market where there was no true end to end payroll and rota management software for the SME Hospitality sector. Our experience taught us that payroll and rota management is the most time-consuming task for any small business in the leisure and hospitality industry.  We knew we could address and overcome this challenge and developed CostBoss.  CostBoss is an easy to use, cloud-based, end to end business solution that seamlessly manages rota implementation, timesheets, HR management and payroll. CostBoss allows you to take control of your business, better manage your labour costs and allow you to spend more time running your business where you are needed most.

"Payroll used to take nearly two days to gather the information together and be processed. Since using CostBoss it takes less than 30 minutes to approve and all the payroll reports are there to review in all in one place. Staff log on to the portal to see their payslips, so no more posting and emailing. It is reallly easy to use, from entering the workers, processing the rota and then approving the payroll. There are no pay disputes, and even no requests for copy payslips. It has saved the company so much time and stress."
The Wood Norton Hotel


We’re on your side

At CostBoss we aim to make things simple, intuitive, obvious. No jargon, no complications, no frills.
The beauty of CostBoss is that anyone can learn to use it in a few minutes, and everyone can save hours of time every week.
It’s a management tool designed for you.

What To Do Next

It’s simple. Just call us for a free demo, on 020 8238 8000.
There’s no obligation or commitment, but we think that when you see how much time and money CostBoss can save you, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.