CostBoss™ − a revolution in staff and cost management

What is CostBoss™

CostBoss™ is a totally new way of keeping control of your revenue and costs, time management, your payroll and people, all geared to making your life easier and less stressful! It also helps you improve communication, boost accountability and track which staff are in and when they arrived from a simple click of the mouse from any location , grow your business without being weighed down with lots of time consuming paperwork.

CostBoss™ is simple to use, and will become an invaluable tool in making your business more successful, whether you run a bar or restaurant, factory or retail outlets. CostBoss™ is web-based, you don't need to worry about installing software. Just open your web browser and access the system, fuss-free.


Use our online system to easily store your employees, timesheet and takings data.


See at a glance where your business really is and see clearly the areas where profits can be increased

Real time reporting

Get a firm grip on your costs and revenue ? in real time


Link rotas to timesheets and payroll, creating a seamless, automated process

Use CostBoss™ to make your business better

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