Neat, Simple and informative

Features − Time-sheet recording, rota planning, payroll integration, revenue recording, business analysis tools.

A beautiful solution for simplifying staff management and making the connection between your time-sheet and payroll seamless and effortless. Our experience in Payroll and accountancy has enabled us to produce exactly what we know will make any retailers workflow easier. Our focus has been on providing you with a single login to an online portal that allows you to either manually or via our contact-less devices, record your staffs worked hours without the need for separate spreadsheets or paperwork.

Prepare and manage your rota schedules with easy shift swapping features and streamline your holiday management allowing you to focus more on what your business needs you for.

Our analytical tools will compare your income and revenue data with your immediate staff costs to highlight to you where you can modify your rota planning to ease the costs during either quieter times of the week or cyclical downturns in whatever industry you operate in.

Costboss™ is the perfect affordable and scalable solution for retailers seeking to control every aspect of their business.

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