Simple yet scalable

Our payroll and accountancy background has enabled us to ensure that the both the functionality and simplicity of the system is perfectly aligned with what you need to enhance the efficiency of your business.

Whether you run a single bar with just a few staff or a chain of restaurants with hundreds of staff CostBoss™ provides a proven scaleless model that easily schedules your staff and automatically records their time-sheets within one simple dedicated application. Concise time sheet and takings data allows you to quickly allocate service charge between your staff and then effortlessly run your payroll without having to use multiple platforms. This system also works with Tronc masters to ensure that you gain the tax advantages from structuring your service charge management correctly. Our system continuously gathers data throughout the day via our con-tactless equipment integrating into all major till systems to produce easy to manage reports that provide the transparency you need to identify areas that you can improve and save money. Full permission level control ensures that the right staff see the right level of information, enabling you to delegate tasks without comprising security.

Costboss™ also caters for all aspects of your holiday management, staff distribution across branches and departments and manages staff records effortlessly.

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