Every time a member of the team logs in or out, the system automatically records their movement and adds this to their timesheet, ensuring that you have a daily record accessible at any moment in time, showing your up-to-the-minute staffing costs. So get rid of spreadsheets and paperwork all over the place and have a simple to use central point of reference.

And armed with this information, in conjunction with revenue data, you?ll know at any point in time your level of profitability, and what further action ? if any ? you need to take.

CostBoss™ puts you in control of your business, enabling you to succeed.

Rota Planning

With all your workers′ details installed into the system, CostBoss™ uses its intelligent, built-in algorithm to formulate a rota plan for you to consider. But you?re always in control, so it′s easy to make changes to suit your needs.

CostBoss™ will tell you − and your staff − who′s working when, either via email or through a simple login into the system from any linked device. And when holidays, absences and other factors need to be built in, the rota is automatically reconfigured to give the optimum balance of resource.

CostBoss™ will plan each day, each week or a whole year, giving you one less headache!

Time Logging

Access to the system uses the latest contactless technology to login and logout for complete security, building each worker′s timesheet in real time. Give your staff a fob on their key ring so that they can clock in and out easily as they come in through the door saving you the time and hassle of timesheet management.

CostBoss™ will record every movement in or out, and compare this to scheduled work patterns, adding overtime payments when agreed, and deducting pay from workers who are habitually late arriving or over-eager to leave!

And every action is flagged up to you through the system or via email alerts, with an appropriate notification to the staff member. But it′s always you that sets the criteria, you that defines the tone of the notification messages, and you that remains in control.


The choice is yours − you can enter your takings manually each session, day or week, or CostBoss? can linked directly to your tills using a simple interface.

Either way, you get an instant update, showing session-by-session revenues and cumulative income. And with this at your fingertips, refining your forward rota becomes both simple and efficient. With no delay, you can control your payroll, set budgets, maintain profitability, and know that you are moving in the right direction.


Gone are the days when payroll takes hours to administer, and gone is the time when you need to spend time or pay staff to manage this for you.

Now CostBoss™ solves the challenge, working in perfect harmony with existing payroll software to give you a quick and easy payroll process, whether it′s done in-house or outsourced integrates in to all the major accounting packages.

There′s simply no better way to save time on your payroll.


Bringing together all the data from the CostBoss™ functions in simple, easy-to-read reports is the key to its success. Your instant daily, weekly, monthly and year-on-year performance reports enable you to compare and identify trends, fuelling better management decisions.

You′ll be able to analyse day-to-day and seasonal shifts, assess cost-of-sales, evaluate your payroll as a percentage of takings, quantify staff attendance and performance, and much, much more.

CostBoss™ is a tool that grows with you. And with it, you′re in better shape to grow.

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