Contract Management

One solution, one application multiple uses!

Designed by accountants and built by leading software developers, Costboss’s primary goal is simplicity whilst not compromising on the functionality that our experience knows that you need. Centralised timesheet control coupled with simple Payroll integration means that you can have the confidence that your business is being run efficiently and that your staff are being allocated at the right time, the right place and at the right cost.

Whether your company has just a few staff or many hundreds CostBoss architectural design enables you to group your staff in to any structure that suits the nature of your clients and their locations. Costboss™ has built in business analysis tools that enable you to see through easy to understand reports how your business could save you money which will enable you to make confident decisions about how you can drive efficiency up and your costs down.

Costboss™ also has robust holiday management facilities that feeds directly in to payroll to ensure that you know exactly how to organise your staff and account for their absences

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