CostBoss™ − built on a pedigree of growth management

With our roots firmly steeped in sound financial management and cost control, and many years of experience in many different types of industry, the team behind CostBoss™ has developed this new software to make your life easier and your business more cost efficient

Having worked with the owners of many different types of business′s for most of our working lives, we saw that managing staff intense business′s was becoming more complex, more demanding and more competitive.

The answer we came up with has evolved into CostBoss™.

By combining our financial know-how with the wizardry of a team of UK-based software developers, we created a system that allows business owners and managers to regain control of their business, and finally rid themselves of the stress created by long hours, complicated resource issues and oceans of paper!

We′re on your side

At CostBoss™ we aim to make things simple, intuitive, obvious.
No jargon, no complications, no frills.

The beauty of CostBoss™ is that anyone can learn to use it in a few minutes,
and everyone can save hours of time every week.

It′s a management tool designed for you.

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